At Tiddlywinks we are very fortunate to have two outdoor play areas. The under 3’s outdoor play area is attached to the Active Adventurers room allowing the children from this room and the Daring Discoverers to have access to free-flow play. The under 3’s area has bespoke play equipment including ramps, a tunnel, a sandpit and chalk board as well as various equipment and resources added for the children to explore. Babies from the Early Explorers room also have the opportunity to explore the outdoors both on a morning and afternoon.

The other large outdoor area is for the Imaginative Investigator children who can enjoy the role play area, getting messy in the mud kitchen and vegetable garden taking part in the planting, picking and tasting of the fruit and vegetables we grow. The Investigators enjoy climbing over the bridge, sliding down the slide and fireman’s poll as well as learning ball skills, pedalling the bikes and mark-making just to name a few. From an early age we encourage the physical development of your child and encourage him/her to take an active interest in keeping healthy and ways to achieve this.