Here at Tiddlywinks we have a full time chef who prepares all of our meals and snacks on site from fresh, locally bought produce. All of the meat is delivered fresh from a local butcher and the fruit and vegetables delivered daily. The chef prepares the food on a 4 weekly rota to ensure the children get a mixed and varied diet. The toddlers and pre-school children are encouraged to ‘self-serve’ themselves (with adult supervision and interaction) at snack and meal times. The adult helps the child hold the spoon and encourages the child to try new foods. The nursery practitioner’s talk about where the food has come from, if it’s healthy, what colour it is etc. At Tiddlywinks we respect all of the children’s dietary requirements be it for allergies, religion or choice. We are also currently taking part in a government lead pilot scheme entitled “Healthy Settings”, which we have been chosen to participate in as we are an outstanding setting. If the pilot is successful it will be rolled out nationally.

Daily sessions – include breakfast, lunch and tea plus morning and afternoon snacks

Morning sessions – include breakfast, mid-morning snack and lunch

Afternoon sessions – include afternoon snack and tea