early-explorers For our smallest customers we provide a separate baby room which accommodates up to 12 babies. Within the room there is a spacious playroom with a separate sleep area, nappy changing facilities and a kitchen for the preparation of babies’ milk. Our main kitchen will prepare fresh food on a daily basis to suit individual children’s needs, including purees, fingers foods and will cater for any allergies.

The Explorer’s room is separated into different play areas such as a quiet book corner, construction area, role play area and a divided section for under 1s with lots of soft play. There are plenty of opportunities for the babies to learn and explore using all of their senses in malleable play i.e. flour play, painting, baking and splashing in water.

During the morning and afternoon sessions small groups of babies are taken to play and investigate in the under 3s outdoor play area which specifically caters for the little ones with specialist and bespoke play equipment.

The main objective for the care of our Early Explorers is to provide a warm, loving and consistent environment. A great deal of time is spent giving babies loving care and attention with plenty of cuddles. With this in mind the Explorer’s room will be consistently staffed with the same team of people in order to maintain close relationships with the team, which is essential in the early months of childhood. Each baby is assigned a key worker who will develop a trusting, loving relationship with your child and will therefore be responsible for all their daily needs i.e. nappy changes and bottle feeds.

The staff who work in this room take each child’s individual development needs into consideration when planning activities which will encourage their next steps within the EYFS curriculum. When your child is ready for more structure and development they will then move in to the Daring Discoverer’s room.