active-adventurersThe Active Adventurer’s room is situated on the ground floor of the nursery and caters for up to 14 children on a daily basis. The room is a large open plan space with all the facilities accessible to the children, enabling them to choose what activity they would like to do. All the equipment and materials in the room accessible to the children are at the correct level of development for the Adventurer children and provide them with challenges to further their development within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Active Adventurer’s have unlimited access to all areas in the room such as, Construction, Maths, ICT, Small world, dressing up and Sand/Water. Also the children are provided with opportunities to explore their senses and their creative skills through painting, drawing, scissor control, foam play, play dough and many other expressive arts and craft activities. Amongst these areas is a cosy book corner where the children can snuggle down on the bean bags and look at their favourite books.

The Active Adventurer’s room has its own outdoor area where the children can develop and learn with their friends from the Explorer and Discoverers room promoting Personal, Social and Emotional Development. At Tiddlywinks we are a firm believer of acceptable risk and challenge in children’s play and learning therefore children are provided with opportunities to take risks and challenge themselves without being put in any real danger. We also respect the child’s voice meaning that they are free to choose for themselves whether or not to take part in activities which are all based around each child’s individual interests.